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Our Mission

Empowering Families & Educating Communities by hosting awareness events & family gatherings. Supporting families with informational packets & care packages. Spreading awareness of Lissencephaly to create a more accepting world around us.

Our Goal

To spread awareness through proclamations, awareness events,& attire. To provide a sense of hope to new and veteran families. To facilitate a research team specializing in lissencephaly research. To further educate parents in a multitude of ways.


What is Lissencephaly?

Lissencephaly is also commonly known as "smooth brain" "Lisse" meaning smooth and "cephaly" meaning brain. 

These images were found on google, they show a grading chart for children with Lissencephaly. Grading does not necessarily define wether your child's condition is more or less severe, each case is very different & the brain is very complex. In these images "A" is the front of the brain "P" is the back of the brain.

Please feel free to check out the informational websites below, there are also some assosiated facebook pages for info & support.

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