Check out our map to see if there's another Liss family near you! If you'd like to be added to our map please email us at! We use this map to connect new families & for organizing our Regional gatherings.


We are now accepting applications for care packages during the COVID-19 pandemic. These packages are for Lissencephaly families who are running low on supplies and are struggling to leave home to obtain essential items.

We currently can send packages to the 50 US states, if you live in the UK, CAN, or AUS and are interested in collecting & distributing packages please email us


Condolences package - This is a gift from us to a grieving lissencephaly family who loses their child. We hope to launch a sponsoring program for those of you who would like to help contribute to paying for the packages. The more sponsoring we get the more packages we are able to send to grieving families. We would eventually like this program to help aide families with funeral expenses. This program was started in memory of Landon Johnson.

Packet Of Hope - This will be available in paper and PDF form, we can mail them or email them to new Lissencephaly families. Each packet contains a sense of hope, it will contain photos and stories of individuals with lissencephaly. With this we hope to help guide new families through those rough days of diagnosis, and shed some light on what this life really is.


CONGRATULATIONS to the Crawley family in Oregon. A huge Thank you to our generous donor and to all who applied for the 2019 sleep safe bed. We hope to do this again in the future!



Lissencephaly Foundation Inc -Lissencephaly Nonprofit

Palmetto Harmony - CBD products

The Parker Lee Project

Delivering Fancy Inc - Gift boxes for moms

Embrace Life foundation

Support Groups-

Lissencephaly Network



Lissencephaly informational website

Informational website 

Rare Diseases website 

Lissencephaly specialist - Dr. Dobyns

Cephaly Convention/Family conferences

Parker Lee Project - Help with Help Help with Medical equipment

Embrace Life Foundation 501c3 - Help with Help with medical equiptment

Morgans Wonderland - Accessible theme park

Waterway babies Neck ring for swimming

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Welcome to Holland Poems

These words have helped many Special needs families through the diagnosis process & provided a sense of hope. I hope these will help you also. 

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