STORE: When you purchase from our website directly all profits go to Lissencephaly Foundation Inc 501c3. Please note we currently only ship products within the US from "Our shop", we are expanding to more countries very soon. Our partner Bonfire ships internationally!


Please allow up to 5+ business days for your items to ship, also know that the USA is experiencing shipping delays due to USPS. Australia customers will also have some delays due to items still being in transit to our Australia manager. (9/8/20)

DONATING PARTNERS: When you purchase from one of our partners, a portion of the sales goes to Lissencephaly Foundation Inc 501c3. Some of our partners are Lissencephaly families!

Our Shop
Donating Partner: Bonfire apparel & More
Donating Partner: Southwest Woodworks
Lissencephaly family ran business
Donating Partner: Little Adventure Clothing
Lissencephaly family ran business

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